Resource Protection > Environmental Factors

Environmental Factors affecting the land and its resources occur throughout Central Texas. In many ways, these factors helped shape Central Texas the way we now see the land. It is important for landowners to learn about these potential disturbances and disasters so that they can make sound preparations.

Environmental Factors affecting the land could include drought, flood, hail, ice, fire and others.  These items over the long history of Texas have in many ways shaped Central Texas and its species of plants and animals in a way we have come to know and love.  However, short-term impacts on us and our resources can also be threats to our land and our lively hood.  Land planning for your property will not be complete without education about these topics. 

Often times, the risk to your property can be reduced through prevention practices or diversification of management.  The first step is calculating acceptable levels of lost product.  Knowing this will help in calculating how much should be spent on prevention or mitigation.  When losses become an economic or environmental hardship, these environmental factors quickly become disasters. 

The Texas Extension Disaster Education Network has been set up to reduce the impact of environmental factors on your family and land.  The network also serves Texans during and after an event.  For information, visit