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Preparing for wildfires is everyone’s responsibility.

Over the last two years, 80% of the wildfires in Texas have occurred within two miles of a community - so it's quickly being understood that wildland fires are not just a problem for rural homeowners.

Texas, the fastest growing state in the nation, is seeing many of its citizens moving to the Wildland Urban Interface - a place where subdivisions and businesses meet the surrounding forests and fields (grass, brush and trees). With this move to the wildlands, new fire risks are being seen.

Placement of structures within or adjacent to flammable vegetation renders them extremely vulnerable to wildfire. Should a wildland fire occur in an interface area, homes and other structures could simply be additional concentrated fuels for the wildfire to consume.

Due to increasing urbanization and periods of extended drought, Texas has experienced an increase in the wildland fire risks across the state, now is the time to be more Firewise. 

Firewise USA®

The Firewise USA® program is a multi-agency effort designed to reach beyond the fire service by involving homeowners, community leaders, planners, developers and others in the effort to protect people, property and natural resources from the risk of wildland fire - before a fire starts.