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Building and maintaining structures is a common activity on Central Texas lands and should not be overlooked when a landowner is trying to be conservation minded. There are small things which can be done to improve your living experience and protect against environmental risks. Some building and landscaping concepts can help protect from wildfire, reduce energy use, and even provide usable water.

Firewise Building

After the 2003 wildfires near San Diego, an assessment of homes found that homes with firewise materials fared three times better. Prevention can come in the form of: insulation and electrical systems, doors and windows, decking and framing, roofing and siding. Information can be found at:

Green Building

Researching building tips can save money and resources in the long run.  Sometimes called green building, goals for building could include: increased energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, water consumption.  Tips and other information can be found at:

Rain Water Harvesting

Central Texas offers some real challenges for water users even under good circumstances.  Fluctuating water levels in both lakes and aquifers as well as the expense of well installation may be reasons to consider rain water harvesting.  This is becoming more common in Central Texas.  Information, workshops, and private vendors are now available to help landowners with questions and installation.  For initial information, visit the Texas Agrilife Extension website